Monday, 21 November 2016

An Interview over Donuts

So finally I gave on to attend the interview as requested by a good friend of mine, I know I should've been upfront about it. But somehow I couldn't. I am going to give an interview for the job of a "business partner" of a company whose name I know not, hardly know what they are doing. 

It's nine at night and I have already given the interview, long story short. We have different perceptions of work and money. I don't consider money is everything and if someone offers me a wad of money, it doesn't mean I would do anything for them. 

The interview was scheduled at 8 pm, and I was first given an induction by a lady of our age group, named Nisha ( name changed ). She invited me to this donuts place in HSR layout. I am sure if you are in Bangalore, you are familiar with this. She was studying me, my behaviour, body language, how comfortable I am etc. I understood this through our conversation, she asked me how close me and my friend were, how long we have known each other, Why I am looking for a change, what I know about the position and about the job. It went on for at least a good 30 mins. I can't say I performed well, because I didn't, physically I was tired and mentally not really interested to get into a business deal with people whom I have no connection with. There are a few things that got me thinking though. One thing in particular was "why I am not writing on my blog anymore". Honestly, the work pressure and stress is making me so tired at the end of the day. I am not getting time to sit idle and brain storm. Yes it does make me a little sad that I am not writing anymore. 

After the initial induction training she shifted out seats to another one and she called the main guy into the room for our interview. From his appearance, it is pretty clear he cannot be more than 32 years old, which created a conflict in my mind. My friend and this lady who gave me the induction class told I would be interacting with a very senior person from this industry. Then we started our conversation he was asking about my views on work, why I am looking for another gig and so on. Then he said something which offended me actually. He said he is going to talk about 9 lakhs per week and if I don't think money is important I can leave otherwise stay. I felt offended because it was as if he was offering me a wad of notes and saying, if you are interested in this you can work for me otherwise nope. He didn't tell me about the work he was going to do. He was trying to buy me, which I really hate. I stood up and walked out without looking back, just was feeling really pissed off though about wasting my time and not gaining anything useful other than an inspiration to start blogging again. 

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