Saturday, 6 September 2014

Office Habits


Sorry guys its been a while since I posted here, Just got caught up with work. Anyways todays post contains some explicit content, I would like my minor readers and those with weaker heart to take caution before reading further (lol). Yes and one more thing, wishing a happy Onam to all my mallus.

Another week was coming to an end, as usual my roommate and I went outside to have some juice after the dinner. I ordered a hot holicks while he ordered a cold milkshake, as we were drinking I got a doubt, “You know hot milk helps in better sleep. “ Karthik “Does it?”. “Yea, but its a long time doubt of mine man, You know how they portray serve warm milk in first night?” I asked casually hoping for a jovial answer. “You are lost man.” Karthik replied with a shake of his head and continued with his drink.

I thought about it and asked Karthik how some of the people in Tessolve would reply if I asked the same question, the rest of the conversation is posted in a transcript like form:

Karun: “Re junk guy.. re junku..” 
Rajmohan: “En singa kutti sollu da..”
Anand: “ What I would like to suggest is that ..”
Prasad: “Enjoay..”
Bharath: “ Re.. re, I will tell you re” He would say it very fast and in a sort of tensed manner.
Shubam: “hey man,.. What questions you are asking eh.. ehh.. are you getting what I am telling eh.. ehh”
Mallesh: “En rah..en rah.."
Bro Manjunath: “Hey bro … Its just that.. eh..I don’t have license bro” He will be laughing the whole time.
Kathik Uppund: with the nod of the head “mmhmm”
Praveen: “ Actually I think the reason would be something like..” It would be a sentence tried to spell prim and proper.
Preetham: “ Enna Nanba."Enna Nanba … ”
Shashank: “Ada pavi .. “
Sandeep: “What is this..” He would speak with his slight smile.
Ganesh: “Its just .. just..” then after a while with a clap “yes man it is like that”
Rashmi: “ ….” She will have that keenly listening face, with her eye brows when you concentrate on something.
Parthiban: “That is what man read state ppt daily.. Show me today’s plan”
Samruth: “Once I came across this you know .. ” It will be a well thought out diplomatic sort of answer, that sly laugh will also be there on his face.
Rashmi Again: “So you were having horlicks milkshake?” I think she woke up just now as Parthiban would put it.
Mohan: “Cheta.. entha cheta..”
Monish: “ah.. ah.. correct.. correct “ with sharp nods.
Raji: She will talk in her bold tone, “I know.. I know.. Oh Shit is it? “
Khaleel: “What bhai…”
Reghothman: “What macha..”
Ramesh: “What is there macha.. ”
Sruti: “ How can Tessolve hire these kind of people “

These guys have been my world for the past 4 months, and its been real fun to hang out with them. Thanks you guys



samruth krishna said...

So truly written, awesome work rahul. .i love spend time with everyone;p...hopefully we shall trip once...

mallesh balla said...

I felt very surprised by reading this .. Really enjoying a heartful journey with all of you

Shruti Mugali said...

Nice Rahul... Tessolve hired us n we are your inspiration