Saturday, 11 August 2012

Google Doodles

Google's Doodles, not a new concept but been there since 1998, when the Google founders Larry and Sergey played with the corporate logo at the ‘Burning Man’ fest to indicate their attendance there. That’s how the concept originated. It took two more years for the doodles to become more popular and over the years different doodles were created for anniversaries and birthdays of famous persons, e.g. On the 96th birthday of guitarist Les Paul, wee could strum the strings on our homepage. Doodles have made the fact searching more fun and enthusiastic.
I never thought I would spend more than seconds in the Google’s simple and blank page, over the past few days I spent more than an hour trying to better my score and brag about it via Google+ or post in fb, competing with my friends.. The idea of doodles, reflecting the major events at London Olympics is a really brilliant move. It makes me feel I am a part of the Olympics even though on a large scale. Shooting at the hoops, canoeing or playing the 110m hurdles previous week made my direction keys and spacebar really exhausting, but that isn’t going to stop me from playing the doodles.
Addictive it is on a larger scale, but the true victory of the doodles, I think is because, of the lucid structure and we don’t require to download anything or accept a long list of terms and conditions. Also it loads fast with the Google homepage, I think the programmers at Googleplex or lets simply call them doodlers, then again I will be avoiding the masses that play the doodles with such passion, please don’t feel offended you all. the Doodlers at Googleplex require appreciation with the ideas they come up with.
If you have a doodle Idea, then you can send them as well to : .

hurdles doodle:
canoe doodle:

sayonara from Ricky!!
halloween doodle
diwali doodle 

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