Monday, 6 August 2012

Friendship Day

Initially created and popularized by the greeting card industry In the 1930s, it has always been the business. The first sunday in the month of August is selected as the day. In 1998, Mrs.Annan, announced Winnie the pooh as the official ambassador of friendship day. Today friendship day has grown from the greeting card industry to a large business hype.
From my point of view, Friendship day is nothing more than a day created to exploit the youth and their crazy friendship attitude. People used to buy cards and gift them in the old days, but now the story has changed. Playing movies with friendship themes to attract the young viewers. Social media is the once who exploit the speciality of theses days now. when you consider the statistics, the rate of users at theses time ( on this day ) is a lot more than the usual days. people rushing to update their statuses and sharing and uploading would create a crazy atmosphere. Also the online stores are particularly cunning to make exclusive offers and special products for the youth. Their profit is really a fortune, but that’s another topic to blog.
How relevent is the friendship day in modern times? I would say we are living in a fast word, speed is very important factor, we would get frustrated if our mobile is a little slugggish. friendship at many levels has shrunk to mere “hi”,“bye “, the development of “wassap”ism all contributing. We should take time to appreciate and spend time with our friends, As college-rs we get a lot more time and we know these will the best times we are going to have. But out of the campus, how good are we at maintaining these levels of intimacies ?? That’s when such special days come to as a boon, a little rain to the hot and shivelled desertish life of ours..
My Quote about the day is “I don’t particularly celebrate a day as friendship day, cos every moment with my friends is a special day for me”
Leaving a lot more for you all the think about, and wishing a very best Friendship day .. Adios.



Abhay Ghatare said...

nicely put dude...

rahul george said...

Thanks Abhay, I felt this always :)