Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lord is my Shepard..


This is not the usual stories, or travelogues which I write. If you trust in Jesus and believe, “Everything happens for a reason” read through. This happened on Friday, I was travelling to my home town by bus. I booked the bus before and thought it was non stop and it didn’t stop for dinner. Well it did after going for about 2 hours, its stopped in the middle of no where for restrooms and dinner. I was not planned for this. I didn’t take enough cash instead brought with me some biscuits for the night. I was getting hungry so I decided to go out and just look at the prices or ask if they accepted cards. The hotel looked cheap to accept cards and there weren’t any ATMs nearby. So I started to walk back to the bus, then I remembered I have my bible. I have a strange hobby of keeping some reserve cash in the bible like 100s or 200s. I always considered it as sharing a portion for Lord, my parents used to ask. why suck a large sum, why can’t you keep 10s or 20s. I didn’t have an answer, but had this gut feeling I should keep it aside and no matter what temptation happens spend it unless I am in great need. For those who were questioning me I have an answer “YES THE LORD IS HERE AND WATCHING ME!!” This is my testimonial for him and his everlasting love he shares with me.

The first verse I learnt would be psalms 23 “The Lord is my Shepard..” and now it has been proven right, he will guide you and protect you and takes care of your needs like a good Shepard is for his herd.

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