Friday, 27 September 2013


This is not a simple article or story, this is something what we see (me and my friends) daily when we go to our class. This is more than an article/blog, cos I really hope somebody would notice this.
So we go via Narayanaguda to Kachiguda where our classes are. Our class timings have become almost permanent, starting at 2 pm and ending at 9 pm. There is a school just 100 m away from the Narayanaguda circle, and this school disperses around 2 pm, I am still not sure what the school name is, but the uniform is pinkish coloured. Everyday when we go we see children, [lower primary kids.] coming out of the school campus and crossing the road. The most shocking thing is there is no security for the school building, nor there is a ‘school ahead board’ or any sort of safety. They simply walk out into the bustling street. The other day I saw a bike  slow down with screeching brakes, because 4 kids were crossing the road. There is the Narayanaguda police station about 100m back, at least the school authorities can ask some personals during those times.
Where I come from there is strict police guidance when the school disperses, so I feel it really irresponsible on the general public to not take notice about this. What is the use of aggitation and protest after something bad happened when you can prevent it now.
-- Ricky freelancer!!

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