Monday, 25 February 2013

CrossRoads 2013

Crossroads, the college fest of mar Baselious College of Engineering, is one of the annual events I haven’t missed in my life. The main reason being it is one of the occasions where I get to meet my classmates, we joke and tease and relive a night we used to have in the school days. Being brought up under the management of a Christian school had its effect on us in a very good way. This year might be the last year I can attend the event,
At around 5:30 my friend called and asked me to come to the main gate, I was teaching my brother and his friend some computer. I wrapped up the class and bathed and set out. Decided to take a short cut through the cemetery. Reaching the college gate at 6 05, short by 5 mins. They locked the gates and we were outside, despite having college ids and all. I don’t know why but this year they increased the security and getting in seemed impossible, still we didn’t give up hope. So we decided to try the back gate or the offroads (name of their auto show) entrance. The offroads entrance got closed by the time we reached there so we kept moving further north to try the back gate.
After a couple of minutes reached the back entrance of the college, but it seems that this entrance has more students than the front one. This one also was locked up. Funny thing was one of their HODs was also outside the gate. The security refused to open it for him lol. Made 2 new friends, Abu and Cyril, Abu is doing his MBBS. So it was me Cibin and Abu, at the closed entrance of MBCET joking and talking with the ones already inside. Unfortunately there seemed to be no way to open the gates.
So we were like, lets go back its just a waste of time, just then the manager (who is a priest) came to the gates and asked the securities to let the teaching staff in. Again we were disappointed, the gates were opened and the guards (there were about 10 at each entrance) cleared the route to let the staff in, and there were like 2 staffs and their family to my right, and they were all moving to the gates. Made up my mind to move with them, the stats were senior and they seemed old enough to be my grandparents, smoothly moving behind them I walked to the gates on the way tugging at Cibin’s arm to indicate I am moving in. I made sure to avoid eye contact with the securities not wanting to arouse suspicion, heart was thumping cos if they find we are not with them then its embarrassment in front of them all. But we made it, after making a couple of steps into the college, I turned back an emotion filled with the rush of adrenaline, and joy, sly grin covered my face ear to ear. I turned back to see Cibin made it with me but Abu didn’t hear us calling and he was still in the opposite side.
It was quite some fun night that awaited us inside the college, glad to see all those old faces again, and some new ones. The fast fingers of ‘Stephan devasi’ and voice of ‘Rahul Nambiar’ kept the night alive. It was really special. thanks guys
adios and have a nice day
Ricky !!!

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