Saturday, 16 March 2013

The girl of my dreams


Every man must fancy somebody or something, like what his life should be like , what car he wants to buy, what gadgets he needs, what should be his girl like. Its not a fantasy thing either like the girl of the dream should be like Denise ;) [ we only sometimes we think like that :D ] Its more based on hoe you want your life to be.

About my girl, she should be loving and caring beyond all the outer beauty, should be pure at heart. Should respect her parents, else she can’t respect mine. She should be modest in her dressing [ doesn’t mean she should wear pardas z) ]. She should good look with me, should be itzy bitzy and playful sometimes, not saying she needs to be immature, I don’t like clingy girls. A girl is a human being with her own brain and thoughts so she has the right to do certain things on her own at times. she should be supportive, I tend to go sad certain times, that’s when I need somebody to lean on. should be a family  at whatever we act on.

She should be Godly, as I believe “ A family that prays together, stays together ”. I don’t want a pessimistic being to ruin my zen. There shouldn’t be any secrets between us, I don’t lie or keep secrets from my life partner, she should be like that too. Trust is the most important thing inn a relation. I might be somebody with the temperament on the edge sometimes, but I am trying to change that. Should know about the medicines and home sciences a bit.

She should be a great cook <3, food is the important thing that has the power to make friendships. She should love cooking, and must be willing to try new things which I would delightfully munch upon. I can share her work at the kitchen. That’s all about it I think

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